About Us


We here at EQ Home Market are revolutionizing how people buy and sell real estate!  We built our web based “Real Estate Marketing and Offer Management Platform with an Auction Option” in order to give buyers and sellers greater transparency and control of the home selling and buying process.

Our industry changing home selling platform is the most efficient way of selling real estate that is available in the industry today.  Most true auctions and offer management platforms charge exorbitant buyer fees and buyer commissions, we do not; and once the buyer and the seller agree to terms and open escrow they are both still protected by an industry standard “due diligence contingency time period.”

Plus, we only work with the best in the businesses.  All of our preferred Realtors, Lenders, Escrow Officers, Title Officers, and Vendors are well vetted prior to being given access to our system.   By streamlining the process, we can guarantee that sellers will get top dollar for their homes, and that buyers will get the best deal possible.  We believe in open negotiating, direct competition, and completely transparent easily managed real estate transactions.

Transparency, Due Diligence and Equity-

EQ Home Market’s “Real Estate Marketing and Offer Management Platform” provides greater transparency because our buyers can always see what the highest bid is on each property that they are interested in.  The highest bid is always prominently show on our website so that every buyer can know their competition and can openly out bid them.

Real Estate Auctions have worked great in the past, however most of them charge exorbitant fees and up to a 10% buyer’s premium.  Plus, when the typical auction is over the buyer is expected to immediately purchase the property without any further time for inspections, buyer contingencies, or due diligence time periods.  This can cause an unfair burden and great risk to the buyer.

EQ Home Market’s“Real Estate Marketing and Offer Management Platform” has revolutionized how the Real Estate process works.  We offer properties with starting bids up to 15% below market, and our buyer’s fees are very low.  Buyers can choose to make an offer on the home of their dreams or choose to bid on it like an auction.  This insures that buyers can purchase homes with equity at the close of escrow!  Plus, once a seller chooses a winning offer, that buyer then has the time to finish their “due diligence contingency time period” by ordering appraisals, physical inspections, reviewing title information, getting home insurance etc.

Benefits to buying with EQ Home Market:

  • Greater transparency
  • Always know your competitions highest current offer
  • The buyer knows that the seller is committed to sell
  • Smart investments are made as properties are usually purchased at or just below fair market value through competitive bidding
  • Shorter marketing time periods
  • Shorter escrows
  • Starting bids are always around 15% below market value
  • Very low buyer fees
  • Buyer incentives provided by our preferred lenders and venders
  • Buyer is protected by standard due diligence, inspection, and contingency time periods which are detailed in their purchase agreement
  • All sales to be managed with full broker representation and by some of the best in the business
  • Ability to purchase a home with equity at the close of escrow

Transparency, Competition, and Control- 

Our EQ Home Market “Real Estate Marketing and Offer Management Platform” insures that sellers will get top dollar for their home by giving them greater transparency and control during the negotiating process.  This transparency allows buyers to actively bid against one another and creates more competition by allowing everyone involved to know exactly what the highest bid is so that they can continue to bid up the selling price.  At the end of the auction process the sellers still have the right to accept, negotiate, or reject the highest bid if their “Fair Market Reserve Price” (FMRP for short) was not met.

Marketing and Advertising-

We focus heavily upon marketing and advertising every listing on our revolutionary platform across hundreds of real estate websites and social media platforms to insure a massive buyer response.  Our listings go viral very quickly because every starting bid is listed 10-15% below market. This does not mean that a seller will be forced to sell below market because every seller will set their own “Fair Market Reserve Price,” and if their reserve price is not met then they do not have to sell.

Confidence and Peace of Mind-

Every buyer on our platform is thoroughly prequalified by one of our preferred lenders, and must physically attend one of our open houses prior to being able to bid on a property. This gives our sellers peace of mind and confidence in each bid knowing that they are negotiating with only the most qualified and able buyers.

Benefits to selling with EQ Home Market:

  • Always sell for top dollar
  • Buyers are highly motivated to purchase
  • No long term listing contracts
  • Property showings will only be available during our conveniently scheduled open house dates
  • Short days on market (average is 21 days or less)
  • Receive multiple offers in days not weeks
  • Quick Escrows (average is 25 days or less)
  • Sellers reserve the right to accept, negotiate, or reject the highest bid (if their FMRP is not met)
  • Offers and bidding history are prominently displayed at all times keeping every sale very transparent
  • Review every potential offer from right on your computer or smart device
  • All buyers are completely prequalified to purchase a home by our preferred lenders
  • All buyers must physically inspect each property prior to bidding on them
  • No upfront seller fees
  • Once the seller accepts a bid escrow is opened within 24 hours
  • All standard due diligence and contingency time periods are enforced to the terms of the purchase contract
  • All sales to be managed with full broker representation and by some of the best in the business

Sell Every Listing for Top Dollar, Work with Qualified Buyers, Close more Quickly-

Our “Real Estate Marketing and Offer Management Platform” empowers listing agents by creating a competitive marketplace for their listings, and our proprietary marketing platform insures that they will receive multiple buyer leads and offers on each listing.  This process also gives the listing agent a much higher probability of double ending the majority of their listings because most of our buyers come direct without a buyer’s agent.

Our Preferred Lenders work both thoroughly and diligently to ensure that every potential buyer on our platform is completely prequalified to purchase a home.   Our preferred lenders also offer valuable incentives to our buyers to help capture more of their business.  This makes for a very efficient platform and saves a lot of time and energy from being wasted with non-qualified buyers and non-qualified lenders.

By utilizing our “Real Estate Marketing and Offer Management Platform with an Auction Option” agents shorten the days on market for their listings, as we typically recommend a short two week auction time period; the first week is used to ramp up our potential buyer list, the second week is for open competitive bidding.  Plus we give buyer’s the option to accept a “Buy Now Offer.”  Once the auction is over and an offer is accepted the buyer then has 24 hours to get their Earnest Money Deposit to one of our Preferred Escrows.  Since we only work with the absolute best Lenders in the market, and since every buyer has been completely vetted and prequalified, we can then typically close in 21 days  or less, even with TRID!

Benefits to the Realtor:

  • Automatically generates numerous qualified buyer leads
  • Enables the Realtor to earn higher commissions
  • Develops your own market niche
  • Best way to assure that your listings will sell at true market value
  • Shortens Days on Market
  • Quicker closings
  • Realtors know that they are working with sellers and buyers who are committed to closing
  • Offers clients a new improved process for selling or buying